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10' IEEE 1284 Male-to-Printer Cable $2010' Parallel Printer Cable $10100GB HDD $50
24x CD Drive $202GB HDD $5
3COM 10/100Mb NIC (3C905-TX) $103COM 10/100Mb NIC (3C905-TX-W) $103COM 10/100Mb NIC (3C905B-TX) $10
3COM 10/100Mb NIC (3C905C-TXM) $103GB HDD $53GB HDD 2 $5
6' 9-Pin Male-Female RS-232 Cable $156' DVI-DVI Cable $206' Parallel Printer Cable $5
6' SCSI-SCSI Cable $3080GB HDD $4080GB HDD 2 $40
8GB HDD $88GB HDD 2 $8Bag Full of Phone (RJ-11) Cables $60
Bay Networks BayStack 12 Port 100BASE-T Hub $75Black Dell Keyboard with Shortcut Keys $10CD Drive $10
Compaq DAT Drive $100Compaq DeskPro PIII 550MHz Computer $100Compaq DeskPro PIII 550MHz Computer 2 $100
Compaq KVM $100Compaq KVM 20' Cable $50Compaq KVM Combined Keyboard-Trackball $50
Compaq Mouse $3Compaq PCI Video Card $20D-Link 802.11b (11Mbps) Wireless PCI Adapter DWL-520 $10
DVI Splitter Cable $20Dark Gray CD Drive $10Dell 1GHz Computer $200
Dell External CD Drive Cable $10Dell Laptop Dock $15Dell Laptop Stand $15
Dell Optiplex GX1 PII 350MHz Computer $150Dialogic 2-port ISA $65Diamond Viper V330 nVidia RIVA 128 AGP Video Card $20
HP AdvanceStack J2601A 24 port 10BASE-T Hub $150HP JetDirect 300X $30HP Mouse $3
HP iPaq 4155 PDA $75ISA US Robotics Sportster 0461 Modem Card $10Laptop Lock $15
Lexmark Z53 Color Printer $45Light Gray CD Drive $10Logitech Cordless MX Duo Cordless Keyboard and Mouse $50
Main PageMatrox MGA AGP Video Card $20Micron (with scroll wheel) Mouse $5
Micron Millenium XKU PII 266MHz Computer $80Micron Millenium XKU PII 266MHz Computer 2 $80Micron Millenium XKU PII 266MHz Computer 3 $80
Microsoft (no scroll wheel) Mouse $4Microsoft (with scroll wheel) Mouse $5PCI Parallel Card $15
PCI Sound Card $15Really Old Microsoft Mouse $3Regular Dell Keyboard $6
Regular Micron Keyboard $7S3 ViRGE/DX (another one) PCI Video Card $20S3 ViRGE/DX PCI Video Card $20
S3 ViRGE (Stealth 3D 2000 v2.03) PCI Video Card $20Speaker and Subwoofer Set $15Ton of IDE Cables $1 EACH
Trident PCI Video Card $20US Robotics Quadopus something-to-DB25 Cable $30Various PCMCIA Cards $30
Various SIMMs $30WinTV-PVR150 $70ZIP 100 $30