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This wiki lists items I own and would like to sell. I advertised this collection through CraigsList, rather than all the individual items, because I have so much stuff and it's easier to publish it all in this way. Please feel free to peruse the entire site at your leisure and to email me about anything you would like to buy (yes, I'm sorry but the email address provided does require you to fix it before using it, I have had to obfuscate it to defeat screen-scraping spam-bots, etc.).

I am willing to consider any reasonable offer and will give discounts for bulk purchases (more than one of the same item and/or bundles of different items). I am also prepared to ship items and will send them any way you want, insurance or no, but will require full payment (via PayPal) prior to shipping and will not send anything outside of North America.

I'm also perfectly happy for you to test any of these items before purchase. However, you may wish to bring your own test equipment as, depending on the item(s) in question, I can't guarantee I'll be able to provide the test equipment myself. Of course, we'll already have spoken before you decide to come do this so will have had the chance to make all the necesary arrangements for any testing you may want to undertake.